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Case Study

Trail runners attacked by a herd of cows

Trail runners attacked by a herd of cows

Our clients were experienced trail runners, running cross country on a public footpath along the Wolds Way, East Yorkshire when they were violently attacked by a herd of cows throwing them in the air causing multiple orthopaedic injuries requiring an air ambulance to attend and severe post-traumatic stress disorder.

Liability investigations indicated that there were key failings in keeping the public bridleway safe for members of the public, failing to separate livestock that posed a danger to members of the public and a failure to adhere to the legal requirement to ensure the livestock do not hurt or injure the Claimant in accordance with the Animals Act 1971.

The trail runners were so severely impacted they would run miles out of their way to avoid any field with any type of livestock.

An early admission was secured and with the assistance of SJP the Claimants received the benefit of rehabilitation code funding.

As part of the case, we undertook a future loss claim ensuring the Claimants secured funds for future psychological treatment given the lasting impact of the accident.

We have worked collaboratively with the insurers throughout the case. A settlement deal was reached through negotiation.

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