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  • SJP Law attended the 25th Anniversary of Eurojuris International in Brussels

    Simon Gittings and Claire Charman from Hull-based commercial solicitors, SJP Law, attended the Eurojuris International Congress in Brussels from 12th - 14th October 2017, with over 200 lawyers travelling from all over the world.
  • Achieving maximum value from your Park Business - Part 2 Succession Planning

    In this, the second in our series on maximising the value of your park business, we consider the importance of succession planning. At a time when the holiday park and caravan industry is experiencing a boom, many of our clients are looking at succession planning. Delaying the groundwork means you will not be ready to maximise the opportunity for an exit when the time comes.
  • Health, Care & Welfare decisions: preparing for the future

    It is important to consider what will happen to you when you can no longer make decisions for yourself. This is particularly relevant regarding decisions about your health, care and welfare as there is no guarantee that your wishes and those of your family will be followed if you have not prepared in advance.
  • Lily Dobson Summer Vacation Scheme July 2017

    I have recently completed my second year of Law LLB at University of Hull. In my opinion what really sets Stamp Jackson & Procter Limited (SJP) apart from competitors is the time and energy that they invest in people. Prior to starting the Vacation Scheme I was unsure what to expect but on arrival everything was well organised and my mind was put at ease.
  • Enisha Ali - Summer Vacation Scheme - June 2017

    From the moment I arrived for my first day of SJP Law’s Vacation Scheme the Firm made me part of the team. In addition to training on the Firm’s computer systems, I was given a personalised folder which not only outlined my schedule for the two weeks but also included information on staff and procedures. As this was the first Vacation Scheme I have ever taken part in, such a warm welcome and being able to see how organised the Scheme was really helped calm my nerves, making me feel confident and prepared ahead of such an important experience.
  • Protecting your business against workplace vulnerabilities and scams

    Today’s digitised business environment has undoubtedly presented huge opportunities for businesses. However, it is now easier than ever for criminals to exploit vulnerabilities which waste huge amounts of your time, damage your business’ reputation and reduce your bottom line.
  • Achieving maximum value from your Park Business - Part 1 Sustainability and Profitability

    Even if you have no intention of selling your park business, it is important to take a step back from the business and consider what a potential purchaser might see and more importantly what he might be looking for. Taking this approach will improve the business for you, the existing owner and will make it more appealing for subsequent owners in the future.
  • Employment Tribunal fees have been abolished - Employers should take note

    The Supreme Court ruled last month that the fees payable to bring claims in an Employment Tribunal were unlawful. As a result, employees are now able to bring Tribunal claims without paying any fee.
  • Maximising the Value of your Park Business - Thinking of selling?

    Whilst there is much uncertainty in the air in post-election UK and Brexit, one thing is certain - the UK caravan and holiday park industry has seen phenomenal success in an industry boom assisted by big-budget mergers and increased caravan and holiday home sales.
  • Late diagnosis of subarachnoid haemorrhage causes vasospasm and stroke

    Stamp, Jackson and Procter were able to secure £275,000 in damages for their Claimant due to breach of duty and delay in diagnosis. Our Claimant suffered a sudden and dramatic pain in her head, like an ‘explosion’. She felt sick and weak and was aware of ‘flashing lights’.
Displaying 10 of 183 Stories