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Fatality and Inquest hearings

At SJP Law, our trusted team helps people when they are dealing with the consequences and reality of serious injuries and death.

As part of this, we are happy to support families through the Inquest hearing process, starting with a free initial meeting at your home to discuss your options. Our team of solicitors have been involved with many Inquests over the years, helping to provide support and reassurance to families in situations where asking questions of professionals can be daunting.

In certain cases we will bring in an experienced Barrister to make sure the Coroner is presented with the full facts and this could lead to further action being taken in some cases.

Many of the Inquest hearings we are involved with are referred to us by professionals. Doctors, medical experts and legal firms from across the region send families to SJP Law. They understand that we have the expertise and specialist knowledge required to look after the families and know that we do things in the right way.

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How SJP Law can help

A big part of our role is to take the pressure off the family at a busy, difficult and emotionally fraught time. Providing support throughout the process, we will:

  • Manage expectations and explain the Inquest hearing process
  • Deal with the Coroner on the family’s behalf
  • Ensure that all the right witnesses are called to the hearing
  • Request all evidence in writing before the inquest
  • Use a Barrister to represent the family where necessary
  • Help the family to prepare for the inquest
  • Attend the Inquest hearing
  • Certain Inquest hearings can attract local and national press . SJP Law will help you prepare and handle the media to allow you privacy

The team to trust when you need help and support

An Inquest hearing is an emotionally charged time, but it is important to understand that it is not there to apportion blame.

An Inquest hearing is there to establish the identity of the deceased, alongside the when, where and how of their death. It is a process that brings together a lot of work to understand what happened in the run up to the death.

However, for families wanting closure or justice, having professional support from a solicitor to effectively prepare for the inquest has a number of benefits.

We will make sure the family’s voice is heard and make sure that their interests are properly represented at all times. 

Following the hearing, we can help families to make the right decisions on the best way forward, supporting them at every step.

By involving a Solicitor as early as possible, it allows for more detail to be collected, which can lead to a more successful civil claim.

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