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Our solicitors work closely with clients with all aspects of deputyships, from application and support with duties, to acting as Deputy on behalf of family members.

If a member of your family has suffered a major trauma or serious injury which has affected their ability to handle financial affairs or their personal welfare, then it may be necessary to appoint a Deputy to take care of a vulnerable person’s welfare.

Deputyships are applied for through the Court of Protection and usually given to a close family member or friend or to a professional who becomes responsible for the vulnerable person’s decisions like healthcare, property and financial matters.

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How we can support you as a Court of Protection Deputy

We can help you apply for a deputyship, or we can help you with your duties if you already a deputy. In more complex cases we can act as Deputy, should the existing deputy wish to give up their duties, or where a more suitable Deputy is not available.

Two forms of Court of Protection deputyship

  • Deputyship for property and affairs
  • Deputyship for personal welfare

Whilst some families choose to take on Deputyship duties directly, managing compensation is a big responsibility, and comes with a number of risks. Large sums of money can be divisive, and have the potential to cause division and disagreements amongst family members. In addition, the Court of Protection may disagree on the decisions made, opening up Deputies to the risk of legal action.

We can provide a professional Deputy service, acting on your family member’s behalf. Independent, impartial and regulated, we are bound by law to act in the best interests of the affected party at all times.

Complete legal support for the role of a Deputy

We provide advice and support for appointed Deputies, or can provide a professional service, including:

  • Complex tax returns
  • Paying for care
  • Accessing state benefits
  • Applying for a Statutory Will
  • Healthcare decisions
  • Accommodation decisions
  • Submitting your annual report to the office of the Public Guardian

The team to trust when you need help and support

With extensive professional Deputy experience acting on behalf of people suffering from a full range of serious injuries, you can be sure that all compensation monies will be managed sensibly and sustainably, and that your loved one will get the care they need.

We pride ourselves on being trusted, independent, successful and helpful in all cases with our clients. Supporting you at every step of the way, we have links with the best private rehabilitation providers and therapists to ensure your family member’s recovery reaches its potential.

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