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Case Study

Surgical procedure to insert a right bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA) goes wrong

Surgical procedure to insert a right bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA) goes wrong

Our client had suffered with reduced hearing in their right ear since birth. In early 2020 a hospital referral in respect of this hearing loss was made and our client was subsequently listed for an operation to insert a right bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA). Our client was admitted for surgery in January 2021.

Following this surgical procedure our client awoke to feel pain around their left ear and quickly came to the realisation that the wrong ear had been operated on.

Our client was understandably upset and distressed to learn that the implant had been placed on the wrong side. As a result of this negligence our client unnecessarily required a further operation to remove the implant from the incorrect side and sadly developed an infection in the wound, which required antibiotic treatment.

Our client has been left with a visible scar to the left side of their head, approximately 50-60mm in length. The scar site remains painful and sensitive to touch and this symptom is likely to be permanent.

4 months after the first operation our client was admitted back into hospital to have the installation of the BAHA on the right side of their head.

As a further result of this negligent operation our client also experienced exacerbation of low mood, anxiety and depression.

Liability was admitted by the Defendant Trust and a five figure out of Court settlement obtained for our client.

“Emma White at SJP Law took on our case against the Consultant whom incorrectly operated on my husband’s ear. Emma was very thorough in all aspects of the case and explained every detail to us as the case progressed.

Emma kept in touch with the Consultant and psychologists to help make sure my husband received the best care whilst the procedure was corrected.

Emma has been fantastic, friendly, personable and very helpful in helping us reach a settlement with our negligence claim. We would thoroughly recommend Emma to anyone in a similar situation.”

Emma White

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