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Case Study

Six figure settlement for missed spinal injury

Six figure settlement for missed spinal injury

MRI Scans were carried out in August 2002 and she was incorrectly told there were no abnormalities on her MRI.

Her pain intensified and she returned to her GP who referred her again but to a different hospital. She was diagnosed as suffering from nerve root compression in her neck. Our expert evidence showed that this damage should have been clear to see on the MRI scan taken in August 2002. Our client then had to undergo surgery in August 2004. She has not fully recovered and is still in severe pain taking medication to control the level of her pain. She is no longer able to work due to the pain she suffers.

Having heard our radio advertising campaign in June 2005 she instructed us to investigate her treatment.

This case involved complex analysis of the damage this client suffered as a result of the delay to her diagnosis, and these issues were debated during settlement negotiations. This claim finally settled just in excess of £200,000 in February 2009.

As this lady is unable to work due to her injuries, the compensation will help to make the household finances considerably more comfortable - not just for her, but also for her husband and young son. It will also provide her with the ability to purchase aids, equipment and pay for a cleaner to help with household domestic chores which aggravate her condition.

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