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I broke my arm in a fall

I broke my arm in a fall

I broke my arm in a fall and was admitted to hospital to have the fracture repaired.

When I came round from the surgery I could not use my wrist or hand properly. I was sent for tests. The tests showed that one of the main nerves in my arm had been damaged when the surgeons repaired the fracture. I hoped it would repair over time but it did not. Unfortunately I was left with a terrible pain condition in my arm and hand and I cannot use it properly. It affects me every day. Once I realised that it was not going to get better someone suggested I should take legal advice.

My solicitors came to see me at home and explained what they could do to help. They explained everything to me and I agreed to use them to investigate my case. They told me how long it would take and that my case was going to be a difficult one but they would do their best. My case was sent to some of the best experts in the country and we used an expert barrister from London to help assess my case. The experts and barrister discussed my case with me at a face to face meeting. Although I was told that my case would be a difficult one to prove my solicitors said they would keep fighting to get a settlement for me which I was very pleased with. I was delighted when my solicitors called me to say the hospital would settle my case and everything was done before Court action was started.

I knew my case was difficult and if it was not for the expertise of my barrister and solicitors and their willingness to fight for me I do not think I would have got compensation.

Neil Holland

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