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Case Study

Following a motorbike accident

Following a motorbike accident

Following a motorbike accident, I started to experience pain and tingling in my neck and right shoulder. The doctors diagnosed a problem with the cervical area of my spine and in 2008 I went into hospital for an operation. It was then that things started to go wrong. As the anaesthetic wore off I started to experience significant pain.

That night I asked to see a doctor but the doctor never came and in the end the nurse gave me some paracetamol which helped a bit. The following night, the same happened. I eventually found out that as a result of surgery I had a haematoma or bleeding around my spine where I had been operated. I was operated on again but in the end I was left partially paralysed and in pain.

A colleague of mine recommended SJP Law, they were absolutely superb all the way through. Neil and Mark at SJP Law managed my case, they were really good, very professional and made sure I was kept informed at every step.

The hospital eventually accepted responsibility, made a substantial offer and on Neil’s advice we settled. I have decided to share the settlement with my children and SJP Law is now helping me prepare a will. They get 5 stars from me for the support they gave.

Mark Slade

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Neil Holland

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