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Digital Assets

Digital Assets


In the ever-changing digital world, it has becoming increasingly important to make arrangements for the future protection of your digital assets and web properties.

At SJP Law, our service will help you to effectively incorporate internet login details, passwords, subscription services and web domains into your wills, powers of attorney and trusts.

This will ensure that your trusted loved ones can still access critical online accounts, banking details and assets when you can no longer do so – protecting your business interests in addition to securing your privacy and family wealth.


Our tech-savvy, trusted legal team will provide a full tailored service for the protection of digital assets, including:

  • Digital asset wills
  • Digital asset LPAs
  • Advice on digital assets
  • Web property security


Our digital assets service is designed to protect and safeguard your online assets and personal web properties in the event that you are unable to continue to manage them.

In addition, by securing your digital assets, you will ensure that your business can continue to function, reducing the lengthy and costly delays associated with recovering online details.

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