Wealth Management

Capital Tax Planning

Capital Tax Planning


Our trusted, knowledgeable legal team specialises in the protection of assets for you and your family’s future.

Implementing an effective on-going, long-term strategy, we will help you strike the right balance between your current and future needs.

SJP Law’s proactive service is designed to help you work within the regulations, choose the right investments, plan for inheritance issues and reduce your tax obligations.

David Stokes is qualified as a Member of the Association of Taxation Technicians (‘the ATT’). The ATT qualification ensures tax technicians are trained to be able to deal with the whole range of taxes, and to understand the related legal and accounting issues.

The ATT qualification means David can offer an enhanced service to individuals and businesses by advising and ensuring that services provided are done so in the most tax efficient manner possible.


Helping you to effectively plan for a prosperous future, we can help your family with:

  • Capital planning
  • Inheritance planning
  • Tax-efficient planning
  • Award & Asset Trusts


Our cost-effective, forward-thinking service is designed to provide management and protection of your family wealth over the long term.

By choosing SJP Law, you will get measurable financial benefits and the satisfaction that comes from knowing your financial future and assets are safe and secure.

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