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National Trustee's week 13 -17 November. How to get involved with...

National Trustee's week 13 -17 November. How to get involved with a local charity

Make a contribution to your community – give your time to a local charity

This week is Trustees’ Week organised and promoted by the Charity Commission ( Trustees are the people who organise and run a charity. They bring diverse skills to manage the work of the charity, and ensure it isgoverned properly to achieve its objectives and act in accordance the laws and rules relating to charities.

Events are organised all over the country to celebrate the work of current charity trustees, and to encourage those who may have something to give to a charity to become trustees.

Many people hold local charities dear to their heart, due to the connection to their community, or an issue that is of significance to them. Donating to that charity is an immediate way to help, but a more lasting way to help is to give your time, personal knowledge and life experiences to a charity by becoming a trustee.

Often charities struggle to recruit trustees, because people who might become trustees mistakenly believe you have to be an expert or a professional to be a trustee. This is not the case.The Charity Commission guidance emphasises that the board of trustees for any charity should be mixed, and that anyone with a genuine interest in the individual charity can make a good trustee, and a valuable contribution.

So, if you have the time available, and the enthusiasm for the aims of your chosen charity, why not offer to help in a practical way by becoming a trustee.

See the Charity Commission web page specifically about the role of trustees.