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Lily Dobson - Summer Vacation Scheme July 2017

Lily Dobson - Summer Vacation Scheme July 2017

I have recently completed my second year of Law LLB at University of Hull. 

In my opinion what really sets Stamp Jackson & Procter Limited (SJP) apart from competitors is the time and energy that they invest in people. Prior to starting the Vacation Scheme I was unsure what to expect but on arrival everything was well organised and my mind was put at ease.

After spending the first day getting to know the building  (which I definitely got lost in more than once) and having an IT induction, I felt well equipped to begin the tasks.  What made this induction stand out from other organisations was how SJP 'went the extra mile'. The packs provided answered pretty much any question I could have had and even contained leaflets and information on the surrounding area, which is great with Hull being the City of Culture 2017.

I completed three mini seats; Company Commercial, Commercial Property and Compensation. In each of these seats my work was reviewed regularly  by a director/senior solicitor who took the time to tell me more about SJP and how they operate.  The experience resembled what a training contract with SJP would be like; my work was reviewed and the feedback was constructive. I found that being in the same office as a director/senior solicitor helped me to get a better understanding of what is expected and what life is like at SJP.  I found that despite being very busy, everyone made the time to answer my questions.  Something that immediately stands out is that the theory you learn at university and the law in practice are two completely different things. The tasks enabled me to develop my research skills as well as put some of the theory into practice, such as locating property-related forms or documents relating to a trust.  I would say that the main message I took away in regards to the ethos of SJP is that everything is done to a high standard by experts in their field and they pride themselves on consistency.  They invest time and resources into training people and they expect great results in return.

What I like about SJP's approach is that they are still very much relationship focused. Rather than conforming to social media and promoting themselves all over the internet, they spend time building relationships with people; this can be seen from the connections that they have with accountants, property developers and other local professionals, as well as the long-term relationships that they have with clients. I found that they have a very honest approach with their clients, they act in an advisory role and help to save them money; I believe that it is this approach that has gained them so many long-term clients.  SJP always thinks about what other services they can offer; if a client receives a settlement they may then assist in managing a trust, perhaps the client then wishes to purchase a property or there are employment issues - there is a clear integration of departments.

As well as completing the tasks and getting to know the organisation, lunches were organised to provide a more informal setting. In the first week we went to a local restaurant accompanied by a variety of staff from different levels, all of whom trained at SJP and had once been in my position. This was a great opportunity to ask any questions in a more relaxed atmosphere. In the second week we had lunch with four of the directors. What perhaps sounds like a daunting experience was actually a relaxed atmosphere and a great opportunity to find out what SJP plans for the future.

I would recommend the Vacation Scheme to anyone wishing to pursue a career in challenging yet rewarding environment.

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