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Case Study

Injury following treatment for caesarean section wound and endometriosis that required cutting away

Injury following treatment for caesarean section wound and endometriosis that required cutting away

I attended Hospital in late August 2011 for treatment of my caesarean section wound and endometriosis that required cutting away and treating. This was by way of laparoscopy surgery which took place on 31 August 2011.

Following surgery my blood pressure began dropping and my condition deteriorated. I was rushed to hospital and it was explained that I could die and they would have to perform surgery which would be life saving. I underwent further surgery, in the form of a laparotomy, to open up my abdomen and locate the problem.

It was initially thought that the bowel had been cut but it transpired that the spleen had been damaged and was causing internal bleeding.

As a consequence I suffered physical injury which has left me with ongoing abdominal pain. However I also suffered psychologically as a result of this incident and was diagnosed with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, stress and panic attacks.

Mark and Donna handled my claim which, although breach of duty had been admitted, was progressing to Trial. A settlement meeting was arranged with the Defendant and a successful outcome was achieved meaning I did not have to relive the whole experience by being cross examined in Court.

I just wanted to say thank you to Mark and Donna for their support at the settlement meeting, and for all their hard work and kindness over the past 8 years. It doesn't really seem enough but I wanted to say that I really am so grateful with how much they both helped me through this process.

They both really helped me and showed they had my best interests at heart with their kindness (and patience!). Particular thanks to Donna for helping settle me down during the long waiting periods at the settlement meeting, she really was valuable in getting me through it.

I really want to get across how Mark and Donna have made me feel very comfortable at all times throughout this case, and have never made me feel like there was a 'silly question'! I've never felt embarrassed about anything despite the more personal aspects of the claim, and Mark was patient and understanding with me the whole way through. Mark listened to me and gave me sound advice, and have got to know my partner and daughter, and that's made a world of difference in helping me feel relaxed about it all. Mark and Donna have been great - and I'm glad we chose you to take on this case!

Donna Forrester

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Mark Slade

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