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SJP Law Solicitors in Hull and East Yorkshire

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Our Core Values

Our values are very important to us and were developed by our staff. We live by our values and would expect you to do the same.

  • We have a 'one firm' culture.
  • We are a single team, not an eat what you kill business. This encourages mutual support, teamwork, better management, and a low tolerance of underperformance.
  • We provide services that the client perceives require a high degree of skill, care and expertise and for which that client is willing and able to pay.
  • We believe that size is no substitute for the intelligent use of resources.
  • We know that change is inevitable and it is to be welcomed and planned for, not resisted.
  • We ensure each individual is given the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential, in order to succeed as a business.
  • We hire for attitude and train for skills.
  • We will continue to develop strong personal relationships with our clients and aim to become each client’s trusted adviser. We will also continue to develop strong personal relationships with trusted referrers and influencers.
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