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Business and Commercial International Law

Business Law in the UK

Business Law in the UK


Trusted by clients and with an excellent track record, SJP Law’s international legal team has helped international companies of all types to do successful business in the UK.

With a full range of high-quality commercial legal services covering contract, land employment and property law, we will work with your business to provide you with a full understanding of all relevant UK regulations, and the tailored support you need.

Working with us, you will benefit from our established links with the UK government and trade organisation, giving your business the best possible start in the UK.


Providing a full range of professional, expert legal services, we will help your business enter the UK marketplace in terms of:

  • The purchase of shares and assets in the UK
  • Due diligence checks on UK companies
  • Setting up and implementing effective credit control mechanisms
  • Guidance and support on UK employment law
  • UK insolvency advice


With SJP Law, you’ll benefit from our comprehensive understanding of UK business law, so that your organisation’s UK operations can run smoothly.

Providing clear, relevant advice on employment risks, investment regulations and processes, our helpful teams will deliver expert support and guidance which will enable you to concentrate on the development of your core business.

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